Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Why don't you make like a Kennedy and die young?

One day long ago, in a happier and more naive lifetime, I did the unthinkable. Without considering the repercussions, or putting any mind to the inherent loss of innocence brought on by my actions, I went ahead and watched Son of the Mask.

The closest comparison I can make is when one of your friends falls down drunk and you laugh at first, but then realize Hey Guys he's really hurt. You feel guilty for laughing, but even though it really was initially funny, everyone comes out a little smudged.

Anyhow, years have now passed, and the pain (yes, real physical pain) has faded, but the lessons of that day are still just as relevant as ever. This is why I feel I'm now in a unique position to ponder those five words which, hypothetically, should make even the Wayans Brothers shudder to think: A Film By Jamie Kennedy.


I find myself in a strange situation, because even though I'll never forgive him for SOTM (or, for that matter, anyone involved with the movie- especially Alan Cumming, though perhaps more for bailing on X3), and as much as I like to consider him a second-rate Dax Shepard, I have a hard time gathering too much ill will toward the guy. Plus, Dax Shepard kind of is a second-rate Dax Shepard already... I don't know. Am I getting soft? I will say, and you can quote me on this, that Jamie Kennedy was the sympathetic/funny glue that held the Scream movies together. The exact moment that the franchise begins to derail can be correlated directly to when Kennedy's "freaky Tarantino film student" eats it in the back of a van. So I can't hate him. Not fully. Not like you probably do.
Even when this happens.

Heckler actually looks kinda good, too. It has David Cross and Dr. Boll, both arguing for the same cause. Sounds like cultural pastiche at its finest to me!

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