Friday, April 20, 2007

Nice Cannes

The lineup for this year's Cannes Film Fest was released yesterday, and I must say it looks pretty exciting.
I mean, not that I'm going or anything (shit's expensive), but it's still pretty fun to pretend I have the option. It's also fun to pretend that I'll own a suit one day, and that my bedsheets don't still have Ninja Turtles on them, but that's neither here nor there.

Of the films announced, the three I'm most pumped to (eventually) see are definitely Wong Kar-Wai's My Blueberry Nights, Gus Van Sant's Paranoid Park, and the Coen Brothers' Cormac McCarthy adaptation No Country for Old Men. More than pumped, even. I'm giddy at the thought of seeing these films.
Cannes-goers will also get to see Ocean's Thirteen, in anticipation of which I can already faintly hear a trans-Atlantic "meh" on the wind.

Also included in the lineup is a new film from Julian Schnabel (of the very good Basquiat), Fincher's excellent Zodiac, and the boring half of Grindhouse.
Though I'm curious to see what Tarantino puts in to fill out Death Proof. His best move would be more screen time for Rosario Dawson and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, for reasons I don't have to explain.
Actually, I take that back. His real best move would be a visit to the cardiologist, because the biggest lesson I learned in Grindhouse was that a decade of "Royales with Cheese" have brought his cholesterol to a dangerous level. Zing!

And I kinda wish this was a real movie, because it's the first time I've ever thought to myself "I guess Eli Roth isn't that much of a douche."

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