Friday, April 27, 2007

FRIDAY FEATURE "Cuz Pitchfork told me so"

This is the first post in a series entitled "Cuz Pitchfork told me so." I'll feature 2 songs that have caught my fancy this week, one local or under the radar song and one that may be from a more distinguished or popular band. Here goes nothing:

My underground track comes from my alma matter (RIT) and past collaborator Travis Johansen (favoritism, nepotism blah blah blah) and his new band Science vs Witchcraft. Note that on May 5th they have the pleasure of accompanying the incredibly fun Pit Er Pat (I have one of her hand made hoodies that I still wear even though it's way too small). Anyways, the track Smoke Crack and Do Math rocks it old school. I'm talking The Rapture EP Modern Romance rocking it. With its splashy high hat riding and waves of distorted guitar it captures the same noise punk feel as O'l Jenner and the gang did back when they lived under a bridge in a van.

Science Vs Witchcraft: play Smoke Crack and Do Meth

This week's popular track comes from The Arctic Monkeys whose second album Favourite Worst Nightmare keeps the intensity and catchiness (not a word) of the first album. Just read any of the billions of reviews that talk about them beating the sophomore slump to a bloody pulp. The single, Brianstorm, like the other track of the week has some nice high hat riding albeit much tighter than Smoke Crack and Do Math. The guitar work is solid and trades off with the bass very nicely. Of course this is what the Arctic Monkeys are all about; playing tight, fast, intricately woven songs sprinkled with clever nonchalant lyrics.

Brianstorm music video

Oh, and despite what Jimmy Kimmel may think, it is Brianstorm not Brainstorm

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Science Vs. said...

Yay. Thank you for the kind words, the song is called 'Smoke Crack and Do Math' though, not 'meth' ...