Thursday, April 26, 2007

Icky Thump Trickles In

The White Stripes' new single "Icky Thump," off the album of the same name, has been released online, and let me tell you, it is hot. Like, Frank's Red Hot, hot. Mixed with Tabasco and thrown onto The Great Tire Fire. That's how hot it is.

While not quite as catchy as "Seven Nation Army" or even "Blue Orchid," the song does live up to its name, delivering the kind of pulsating, churning, kitchen-sink blues groove that we've come to expect and love from Detroit's Finest. Okay, maybe Detroit's Second Finest.

All signs point to a return to form, especially after the relatively disappointing Get Behind Me Satan. I mean, relatively disappointing to other people. I thought it was pretty great. Though, Jack White could probably play Raffi songs on a kazoo while Meg keeps time shooting a BB gun in the air, and it'd still hit the top of my playlist. Actually, come to think of it, that definitely would.

And as with most White Stripes songs, it gets even better as you increase the volume.

Icky Thump is out June 19th, supported by a tour of every building in Canada.


Bennat said...

If you called Get Behind me Satan "relatively disappointing" you either have really bad taste in music and/or really bad hearing.

Alex said...

hey bennat you should finish the sentence!!

Bennat said...

Alex, what are you talking about?

Alex said...

just that he goes on to say that other people thought that, but he still thought it was a great album

adammaid said...

im confused... should i be offended?