Monday, April 23, 2007

Future. American. Classic.

You had to know this post was coming.

Live Free or Die Hard.
June 27. Be there. You know I will.

Maybe I'm still a little buzzed from my two trips (and counting) to see Hot Fuzz, but there is very little about this trailer that doesn't scream kitsch value. All the elements are here: explosions, one-liners, sidekicks from shitty comedies, more explosions and one-liners, and a bad ass villain.

Seriously, whichever casting manager had the idea to cast Timothy Olyphant deserves a kiss on the mouth. This is Bullock we're talking about here! I'm predicting he'll at least be shortlisted for my end of the year Best Understatement and Introversion in a Leading Villain Award. Prestigious stuff, I know. He'd join the hallowed ranks of my boy Phil Hoffman (aka World's Greatest Living Actor) in MI:3 as well as the entire cast of Alone in the Dark.
Like I said. Prestige.
And of course we all know Kevin Smith has acting chops too. Heavy, right? Though I'm probably the only person reading or writing this blog who'll admit to having seen the film. *cough* yes, with his mother *cough*

It's great when a film knows its place in its genre. The Die Hard franchise has a long and storied niche within the action film canon, so I'm hoping this doesn't disappoint. By the looks of things, we're all safe. McClane is on the job.

Also, for those of you keeping score (really just me), this does count as my second time discussing a film starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead. It's not a coincidence, nor is it likely to be the last time. I've probably got something up my sleeve that I could say about Sky High if need be.

So, Live Free or Die Hard. Two months and counting. In the meantime, I'll just have to keep watching Hot Fuzz with that religious zeal I reserve especially for the Wright/Pegg/Frost Holy Trinity. Because I can't help it.

I just realized that I unintentionally made a fat joke at Kevin Smith's expense a little while back. I apologize. If anything, I should make fun of him for being friends with Richard Kelly.

Shit just got real.

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