Friday, April 20, 2007

Not Having TV, Not so Bad

I haven't had a TV for the last couple of months and have admittedly been out of the broadcast journalism loop. However, thanks to the joys of JetBlue Direct TV I was able to catch a couple hours of brain-draining goodness on my 5 hour flight today. Jesus Christ, all the major news networks (Fox News, CNN, etc..) were covering Alec Baldwin leaving a nasty voicemail for his daughter. And it was getting equal, if not more time than the potential resignation of the highest law enforcement officer in our nation. Now I know that haranguing the overexposure of celebrity news in the media is by no means a revelatory idea, but this is getting a little ridiculous folks. I know Fox News is probably struggling to come up with stories with all the flak Gonzales and Wolfowitz are getting, but a 15 minute piece on the drunk dialing angry rant of a divorced father? Come on.

That's when I realized quitting TV was like quitting cigarettes (in my experience). The first two weeks suck, but after a month or so you realize how disgusting and odious the habit was to begin with and can't believe you ever resorted to it in the first place.

...then I realized how pretentious I was starting to become and starting watching Engaged and Underage on MTV. I'm a weak man. Damn you JetBlue and your convenient in-flight television. Seriously though, that Mormon bride was such a bitch.

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