Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Why does The Road House Netflix slip continue to sit on my coffee table collecting dust? I watched it and it was amazing (as expected), but why? Why do I let it sit there? We all have Netflix because its so freaking easy and requires little to no effort, but we all do it; let our Netflix rentals sit around for weeks and sometimes months (seen or not). I'd like to dub this phenomenon "Netlfixitis" a syndrome that should be nominated for the DSM volume IV. My roommate shares the same affliction as I do. He has had Coffy for 5 months now. I only know it exists and that it affects my self and as well as my friends. If you have any information on the way to cure Netflixitis please let us know ASAP or else I'm never gonna get to see Swayze kick ass in the 90's (its number 55 on my que). On a side note If you haven't heard they are making a Hardy Boys movie entitled Hardy Men which at this point has Ben Stiller and Tom Cruise playing the two brothers. Shawn Levy coming off the monster success of Night At The Museum (also starring Stiller) is slated to direct and as of today Simon Kinberg ( Mr. & Mrs. Smith and X-Men: The Last Stand) will be doing an overhaul of the script. I am torn between thinking this is the worst and best movie I have ever heard of.

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Greg said...

your roommate returned coffy two months ago. it was a good movie. but, i get the point.