Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Be Still My Heart- It's the Spider-Man Musical!

I've now read this article about five times, and it still makes no more sense to me than it did the first time. All I know is that I am strangely, vehemently aroused by it all.

Here's the breakdown: Dublin's Favorite Sons, Bono and The Edge, are doing the music for a Spider-Man musical, which is to be directed by Julie Taymor, director of the Lion King musical.
And it's 29 hours long. Count me in.

Okay, the musical won't really be 29 hours, but the "rehearsed reading" on July 12 and 13 is, which has me hoping and praying that Alex can use his Gawker creds to get us a look-see. Everything about this project has me cringing at its all-out weirdness, I can't help but watch. The only way I could be more excited is if the directing gig went to Mel Gibson somehow, but I'll settle for the huge Green Goblin headdresses and interpretive web-slinging that's going to haunt me until I see this project to completion.

Oh! That reminds me! The most unintelligible paragraph in the whole article!
"The character breakdowns provide some insight to plot points as the character Arachne ("female, 20-35 years old, any ethnicity") is described as "a beautiful, boastful young woman turned into a spider for her hubris and lack of respect for the gods. She subsequently appears to Peter Parker and the audience as in turn a powerful spider-woman who comes from another time to inspire Peter; an otherworldly lover; a bride; a terrifying (and sexy) dark goddess of vengeance; a dance partner in a charged and violent spiders dance of death; and, finally, a lonely, fragile young woman." Casting is seeking a "strong Celtic, Balkan style, e.g., Sinead O'Connor," noting, "outside the box ideas are welcomed. Could be someone from the music industry.""

Maybe they plan on using mirrors?

If there is a God, the real Sinead O'Connor will star in this musical and bring a Rapture of sardonicism upon us all. Oceans will rise and cities may fall, but Sinead is written in stone.

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