Saturday, April 14, 2007

The best movie(s) You'll never see

On a whim I happened to catch the second half of the "New York" magazine Film review by David Edelstein featuring a review of "The TV Set". Being a filmmaker this was one of the insider industry type films that I would enjoy. Upon seeing it I thought it was a truly great work. Probably one of the best films I will see this year. I was originally going to write a review of this film, but there are enough reviews of it already. What I feel is more important to write about is the fact that the majority of us will most likely not hear about this film or even know it exists, let alone go and see it. Now "The TV Set" is a very smart movie that critiques our culture and especially our entertainment industry. The content may be a little high brow for a lot of people, but there are many films like this one that are both original and interesting. Works that are progressing the craft and pushing boundaries, but none of us see them. I constantly complain about the crap that comes out these days "Red Line", "Are We Done Yet", "Wild Hogs", and the list goes on. Of course we all know that Hollywood and mainstream film making has been quite awful for a long time. The problem is that there are good movies being made, but we don't find out about them. They are usually in select cities only, or play for a couple of shows at a small theater and are gone before we know it. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough. The question (which is a complex one) is how can we make these films more accessible? How can we start changing the mainstream to contain more movies like "The TV Set"?

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