Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Self-Hating Hipsters

Picture via Curbed of defaced advertisement for one of those new yuppie condos going up in Williamsburg.

I have to admit to loling hard after seeing this. You can't go a block in the burgeoning hipster stronghold of Brooklyn these days without seeing one of these condos going up. Personally, I'm of the school of thinking that luxury condo overload in the area is going to seriously collapse the prices on these developments and ultimately end up not changing the neighborhood too much, but I didn't go to any fancy real estate school.

However, I can't even count the number of times I've heard complaints from people in $200 designer jeans about how the developments are ruining the neighborhood and how we need to run those trustafarians over the bridge and back to Manhattan with flaming torches. This all leads me to believe that this attempt at vandalism was probably committed by some skinny white jew from Weehawken in an attempt to impress his "artist" girlfriend or something along those lines. It's amazing how almost everyone I know in Williamsburg mocks hipsters, when they clearly resemble the stereotype in so many ways. It's kind of like the self-hating Jew complex, except with asymmetrical haircuts and Sparks instead of yarmulkes and Manishevitz.

The condos are here to stay and there is nothing any of us can do about it. Alas, the hipster does love to whine though.


Donald said...

i love sparks

keavy said...

oh man. how much do i hate those skinny jews from upper NY and their "artist" girlfriends.....