Monday, April 23, 2007

Times Headlines Get Increasingly Snarky

..and we know how much they hate snark.

About an hour ago, the headline read something in the vein of "Bush Speaks Out in Defence of Embattled Gonzalez." The headline to the right is gracing the NYT homepage as of 10:03 PM today. I couldn't decide what the reason behind the change to this more jazzy one was trying to signal. At first, I interpreted as some type of belittlement of Gonzalez, like there's only one guy who thinks he deserves to keep his job. "Liberal Bias!" the inner Fox News in me screamed. Then as I though about it more, and I realized that it could also be interpreted to mean that since only the president can dismiss the attorney general, it doesn't really matter how much the Senate bitches. Oh you crafty Times, you've done it again.

Article here for all those curious about the president defending another D.O.A. neocon toady (Libby cough Rumsefeld cough cough).

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