Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Finger on the pulse advertising

I was in walking in Union Square today when I came across the new Diesel store. For those of you not in the know Diesel is an incredibly overpriced pretentious clothing line. It's the type of clothing worn by people like this. In Urban Outfitters you cannot even try them on because they are shackled to the clothes rack with an electric alarm. Their advertising campaign in recent years has become a parade of "air headed way too chic looking" models reeking of "I don't care" cool, the type of people that you have never actually seen in real life. At best you see people trying to impersonate this look. Now I'm used to this ridiculous style of high fashion advertising, but Diesel's new campaign so topically and cleverly picks up on the public's consciousness at the moment; Global warming of course, or as they have titled it Global Warming Ready so now we have these incredibly obnoxious models standing around like jackasses with the rest of the world submerged under water.

Its nice to know that when the apocalypse comes at least the really, really, really good looking people will survive, and they won't even notice the destruction around them. Well at least it's truthful advertising. Let's give them some credit for projecting how these people would deal with major devastation and the destruction of our entire civilization (they would get on designer diesel clothes go on the roof and pour water into each others mouthes).

Take the time to note the tiny link you can click that unveils that Diesel actually does care about Global Warming. I'm sure people that are interested about making serious changes to improve the environment shop at Diesel, or go to their website for information how to fight against global warming, especially after such an insulting and tasteless campaign. At least Calvin Kleins heroin chic actually captured what was though to be a "cool scene" as opposed to the "imminent threat to the entire world" couture. The real question is when the apocalypse comes what will you be wearing?

Diesel: Global Warming Ready campaign

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