Tuesday, May 8, 2007

this ain't no resort

Paris Hilton is appealing her 45 day jail sentence because its totally "Not hot". Use of cell phones is prohibited, and windows are so thin there is no possibility for any photographer to take a shot of her Crotchless panties. Since Hilton is so with it shes taking the campaign grassroots and bringing it to the swollen pages of Myspace. You can tell she is in dire trouble as she has no has no time to spell check this petition that she posted twice.

What bothers me the most is that Hilton is so rich that she could pay to have a 24 hour on call chauffeur avoiding this whole situation. I guess we have to see if the governator will insert tacky schwarzenegger one liners like terminate this sentence. I for one am gonna sign the petition because I don't know if I can go 45 days without seeing footage of Paris walking, shopping, or doing some other menial task.

Editors Note: You can't judge me if you clicked on the crotchless panties link, your just as guilty. What did you expect would be there?

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