Friday, May 25, 2007

NYT Style Section Douchery

So summer season is almost upon us with the approach of Memorial Day weekend and with summer comes the customary NYT style section article wrangling with the age old question, fashion or function?

David Colman, in an article that recycles another Times Style article from last summer (WARNING: Times Select), ponders whether it's acceptable for men to wear shorts in the scorching, humid summer heat of NYC. He opines:

Perhaps customers know something designers don’t: shorts can be just the thing not only for a summer Saturday, but for a summer Friday as well. This may be true only in casual or creative offices like art galleries, fashion houses, ad agencies and publishing companies. Of course they must be worn stylishly, with good-life classics like well-shined loafers or lace-ups, a beautiful dress shirt, a light cardigan or a V-neck sweater and a good watch.

Of course.

First of all, what the hell is the point of wearing shorts if you're pairing them with a wool sweater over a collared shit? Second, upon looking at the suggested outfits the cheapest one retails at $636 and the most expensive one reaches $3,505. This, of course, brings up the other age old question, paying rent or being stylish for summer?

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