Sunday, May 6, 2007

Amy Winehouse is really awesome, really really awesome

No she really is. She is so awesome that she deserves all the fame and publicity that she gets. She deserves to demand a green room rider that could feed enough orphans to last till Christmas (and pick up a healthy smoking and booze habit while they're at it). Anyone who doesn't like Amy Winehouse is an asshole. They are an asshole who obviously has dead rats neighboring their sideburns where ears should be located. Not only is she an amazing singer she is so beautiful and sexy. This may be just a rumor, but I heard that she keeps a package of Oreo cookies in her hair (that would explain why they aren't in the rider).

Seriously though I don't know how someone can manage to gargle hot oil and gravel while they sing the blues. Heres a clip for you to see Amy doing her hot oil, and gravel trick. Oh and some other chick that was famous in America for like 5 minutes.

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