Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Crooked Rain exclusive: New cool band called The Arcade Fire

Heres a picture of Pete and I, this is one of the few good shots we have together, Petes a little out of focus, but he was a little mixed up at this point of his life. He's a pretty cool dude, ya know one of those guys thats always laid back and can play it cool. Although there was this one time when he tried to eat a burger right off the grill, and it was too hot so he made a fool of himself trying to handle the situation to say the least.

In any case we went to the Arcade Fire show together Monday night. Before you say anything its okay because we both have girlfriends so its not like we're gay or anything. It was a pretty awesome night, but we were informed by An Arcade Fire enthusiast that either after the first song or at some point during the encore that the everyone was gonna rush the stage. He was semi-right he just had the day wrong. I point to this photographic evidence from Tuesday May 9th, 2007.
Depsite not getting to dance on stage I have to admit Arcade Fire rocks. I try so hard to say something bad about them, but its just not possible. They are clearly one of the best bands out there, and will probably go down as one of the greatest bands of all time. Their passion for music is so evident in their live show, not to mention their professionalism and promptness. I love The Strokes, but they made me wait almost an hour and a half after the opener. The Arcade Fire was on promptly at 9 20 only about a half hour after The National had finished opening.

So despite not getting to touch Regine's accordion, seeing one of the best bands of all time in a great theater made for a pretty special Monday night with one of my best buds.

i love you pete

even if you lost your cool when you ate that burger.

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