Monday, May 7, 2007

Rupert Murdoch Conspiring to Get Youth to Vote

Anyone who's been on MySpace in the last couple weeks will have noticed the following curiosity that's cropped up:

That's right, presidential aspirants like Republican flip-flopper Mitt Romney are being advertised as "cool," "new", and "people." Obviously, there are numerous flaws with these labels.

First let's address "cool." Everyone knows that discussing politics and voting are about the least cool thing you can do. Just ask Paris.

Now about this "new" claim. Other than prostitution, politics is just about the oldest profession. And, get this, you have to be 35 years old, minimum, to run for president. Ewwww. Old people are gross. Well..except for Obama. He's dreamy. I mean, have you seen the man in his swimsuit?

And "people"? Come on. Every savvy blogger knows that the US Government has been controlled by anything but people for quite some time now.

Here's another hil-arious shot:

Get it. It was a pun. Seriously, I could be the next Darren Star.

Isn't it cute how she's just "Hilary"? It's like she's our own best friend. Although maybe the guy all the way on the left has the right idea.

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