Monday, May 14, 2007

Its not Farrah, but its close enough.

While I'm usually opposed to Hollywood recycling old hits and trying to make Nielsen ratings out of it, this could actually be interesting (if not just to laugh at). I happened to have seen a couple episodes of the original Bionic Woman, since I spent most of my college and high school summers with Rich my Aunt's "metro-sexual" roommate.

The usual routine involved "order in" from the diner and a smorgasboard of old horror, thriller, and in some cases 70's and early 80's television shows. Bionic Woman was one of our favorites; a spin off from The 6 Million Dollar Man. As the title of this post states the Bionic Woman is no Farrah on a skateboard, but it might be worth checking out just for the kitsche factor. Instead of trying to explain what she's all about I'll let the clip do all the talking.


Rob said...

Hell yeah, tag this bitch with "Rich"

Alex said...

sure thing.