Friday, May 4, 2007

FRIDAY FEATURE Cuz Pitchfork told me so

My popular track goes to none other than The Blow from Brooklyn. They aren't huge, but I heard they played at NYU so thats big enough for me. "Parentheses'" is a clever love letter addressing all the issues of dating an anxious nebbishy Woody Allen type. Maybe thats why I posted the video on my girlfriends Myspace page (officially making it our song). Its clever, catchy, and fun.

Parentheses' music video

My slightly less popular track is "Yeah Yeah" by Matt and Kim similar to The Blow in their use of synth, they also remind one of Mates of State, but the boy sings in this one. The track is simple in its rhythm, and poppy overtones. One of those chanting choruses that you find yourself singing and dancing to in your underwear even before you get into the shower.

Yea Yeah

Matt and Kim official site


Shannon said...

i <3 the blow "parentheses" and have obsessively been putting it on "i like you" mix cds over the past few months.

keavy said...

I'm not sure how I feel about not having any say in picking "our song." I was kinda hoping it would be "say my name" by Destiny's Child..........rock paper scissors for it?