Monday, May 7, 2007

Breaking News! Celebrities do drugs just like everyone else

But I guess we all don't fuck Jude Law, James Blunt, or Benecio Del Toro (I can't believe he walked on Medellin). In any case Its really sad that this still is news. I would be more excited by seeing the "Lohan stays in and rents a romantic comedy" headline these days. In any case here are some of the photos that were leaked by Lohan's supposed friend who leaked the video to let the world know her friend is in trouble. Somehow I think it's the incredibly large amount of money she was able to sell the footage for that tipped the scales. Of course, when you care about your close friend that's what you do, you tell the entire world their secrets. Here's one from yours truly; Geiger wears American Apparel underwear almost exclusively... sorry Geiger.

Here we see Lohan supposedly shoving coke up another girls nose. As we all know it's only polite to let your friend get first bump since you get to hump Jude tomorrow.

Here Lohan is helping herself to some of the goodness. It has been rumored that Lohan prefers strawberry flavored cocaine, though the analysis of the footage said that it was white, and not pink colored leading our Crooked Rain forensic scientist to believe it to be plain old white china.

Here is the real winner of the set. Lohan on the shitter. This could be the most disturbing image of all. I don't even think she has one of those paper covers on the seat either.
This has nothing to do with Lindsay Lohan, but its Charlize Theron smoking pot out of an apple so it has its own merits.

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surveilance in the bathroom??!