Friday, May 4, 2007

Did Anyone Not See This Coming?

Via Racked - We already have an American Apparel, Washington Mutual, Tasti-D, and Starbucks (soon). Hmm...what is Williamsburg missing? An Urban Outfitters, obvi!

Racked reports that the retail giant is coming to the Burg. The real mystery is how the hell it took Urban Outfitters so long to set up shop in Williamsburg. The neighborhood has long been known as a hipster stronghold, the very market Urban Outfitters targets (besides, you know, NYU d-bags who wear those stupid one-liner t-shirts).

The most interesting part of this move is the location Urban Outfitters chose. According to the Racked tipster, the store is going up on North 6th between Wythe and Berry (aka next door to American Apparel). Seems like there's gonna be a retail war a-brewin'. Personally, I'm rooting for AA just by virtue of the fact that they don't put anything on their clothes for me to mock and have better labor practices than UO.

Also, I think I've worn an AA t-shirt every day this week...Damn you Dov, why do I love all your multi-colored t-shirts so much?

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Miss Jesse said...

hopefully yer stealing those $18 - $36 plain tee shirts, cuz... fuck that shit.