Monday, May 7, 2007


Is there any point to other than bragging to your friends about how good you think your own taste in music is?

Answers appreciated

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Vietanamese said...

For this we look to pseudoscience or rather pseudopsychology to help you answer this question, adam. If one were to use it to brag, which happens, then they are lame. Moving on. I personally use it to see what my homies are chillin to nowadays. I've got a lot of great suggestions from your lastfm. I suspect that there are people who turn off scrobbling for the the guilty pleasure music, scrobbling only what's obscure, I don't know if I'm lastfm friends with anyone that brings music to such shallow depths. Lastfm does make me sad a lot nowadays. Now that I've listened for a while with it, I find that I don't have "SUPER" in common with some cool cats I wanna be super with, but you know, that's okay. I mesh with enough music tastes to not feel left out. As long as I think it's a fair telling of what I listen to, it'll help with getting to know people a bit more. Here's where the pseudopsych comes in: as you know we use things like favorite bands and favorite movies etc to help get a feel for who someone is. LastFm lays down the law, and we REALLY know which band you listen to the most. And you thought your favorite band was the arcade fire. Nope. Weird.
I don't know where I was going with that, hope it answers your question.