Sunday, May 6, 2007

Appy-polly Loggies

Regular Crooked Rain visitors may have noticed (but probably didn't) that I've been gone for a while. I apologize for the lost sleep I doubtlessly caused you. All the cards and flowers were really nice, though. Thanks Mom!
You see, instead of battling cold and flu while it was actually in season, my body decided to wait until the first nice day of spring to get knock-down drag-out sick, hence my conspicuous absence this past week. I know, lame, right? Even my body can't stay in fashion. You have my word, I will be the first kid on the block with a cyborg arm. Waaaaayyyyyy before the other bloggers have even heard of cyborg arms. Real underground shit, you don't even know.

But I am back, dear readers. Lots have happened since we last spoke, so this mash-up post will most likely be even more shoddy and incoherent than my usual ramblings.

In the world of tragedy, one event really defined this week for me: the cancellation of Gilmore Girls.
Like the tens of other guys who admit to liking the show, I was originally turned onto it by a girlfriend. I mean, that's the acceptable way, right? Regardless, I've since laughed and cried along with the Gilmores for years, through breakups, reunions, Shins cameos and Sonic Youth progeny, and I'll miss it when it's gone. This season's been getting pretty good, even without Amy Sherman-Palladino, though this does seem an intuitive place to end. Godspeed, Gilmore Girls. I'll always have you in my heart (and on DVD).

In the world of no surprises, Spider-Man 3 devastated the world's collective wallet, bringing in $148 million this weekend. The funny thing is, nobody seems to like it. Or at least, I'm picking up on the biggest universal mixed reaction since Pirates 2. I'm heading to see it tonight, though I'm pretty much genetically wired to trip over myself shouting its praises from the hillside. What're your thoughts?

In the world of OMGCUTELOLZZ:), I was sent this video. Yes, it is a monkey riding on a puppy's back. Billy and Kiko. Apparently they met during a flood (5 years ago) and became best friends. The only way for this not to melt your heart is if you already have a cyborg heart, in which case, hoook mee uppp.

It is kinda depressing though, to realize that a monkey and a dog have had a stronger and more fulfilling relationship than I ever will.


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