Friday, May 11, 2007

FRIDAY FEATURE cuz pitchfork told me so

My popular track comes from James Murphy, better known as the brains behind LCD Soundsystem. If you read the New York magazine article on Murphy earlier this year you know two things: He loves to do drugs (or at least used to) and he can be considered the father of the art punk/disco rock scene in NYC. Now Murphy is a little more health conscious; this year he made a single 45 minute track album that is specially made for someone to run to, commissioned by Nike. Of course Murphy now claims that he doesn't jog at all and that it was all a lie. In either case the track that I speak of is on what's already being called album of the year. All My Friends is a running track I heard at first leisurely on a couch, and made a mental note to listen to whilst jogging. From the intro, it feels like the soundtrack to one of those IMAX movies where your seeing amazing shots of different parts of the world from a soaring jet. It also makes you wanna run Gump style until your heart swells into a big glob of adrenaline.

All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem

My indie track of the week goes to Brooklyn-based Harlem Shakes. A Night has a great break beat, topped off with a funky bass line. Lexi grumbles cool as ice lyrics (like Julian's younger brother calling you collect from a pay phone) Once the Coney Island retro keys kick in followed by a fuzzy guitar riff you have to be smitten. I also appreciate the fact that they're willing to strip the song down to nothing but a simple kick beat only to build it back up again multiple times, without losing the intensity throughout. It's like an old wooden roller coaster on the pier. Only this one you probably won't chip your tooth on.

A Night by the Harlem Shakes

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