Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Interpol adds new member

Finally something for us to fill the gap that was left in the "NYC joy division revisionist" class of music. "Antics" was our last taste, and who better to shovel some earth and liven up the scene than the ones that left it last. Interpol's new album Our Love To Admire hits stores July 7th and the track Heinrich Maneuver leaked today (like Joy Division always making it a semi-guilty please for the Jewish fans. Its the musical equivalent to bringing home a blond Roman Catholic girl that drinks milk with ham and cheese on white bread).

The track is not ground breaking, but it is very solid Interpol. It would be a decent track on the first album, and one of the standouts on the second. I am particular when it comes to music and rarely do I truly enjoy an entire album, but Interpol has managed to do so twice. So if we have a third filled with more tracks like Heinrich Maneuver then I might just have to break out my pack of smokes, hair gel, and start staring at my shoes as I walk the lonely streets of Brooklyn.

Heinrich Maneuver via Let's Sexy Fighting

"Yeah but its cheery as well, ya know like a division of joy"

late note Interpol could also be talking about this Heinrich, but he converted to Christianity thats almost as bad.

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travis said...

"milk with ham and cheese"

oh wait..