Monday, June 11, 2007

Well now I'll go.

Some will say it was inevitable. Some will say they cannot believe it has come to this. Others will be incredibly excited, and yet even more will look up to the sky not sure what to think. I for one have not made up my mind yet, but Its my duty as a serious journalist to inform you that some Scottish ballet will be using excerpts from a band some of you may know as Radiohead.

I personally was a huge fan of the Radiohead lullabies and would have my baby rocking in his Pampers diapers to knives out (y'know let him know from an early age about the depressing digital years where we as humans have lost our analog souls to the depravity of technology and an emerging electro-global economy or whatever the hell good O'll Yorke sings about)

Petronio whose ballet is entitled Ride the Beast describes so succinctly why he has decided to join the long list of artists that have used Radiohead just to make their art seem more deep, meaningful, and just over all better.

Radiohead's music is a brilliant investigation of achingly modern taste. They sail through genre and form effortlessly and passionately, and their music demands a physical response from me that by-passes reason.

On a side note Six Feet Under and Vanilla Sky both used Radiohead quite well.

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