Monday, June 4, 2007

Hide from the space.

Ya know whats nice, my group of friends seems to have gotten over Myspace. I mean we all still have profiles and all that jazz, but the commenting and picture updating has seemed to slow down quite a bit.

Its really comforting that hopefully in our 20's we can get past the High School popularity contest/ social science experiment that is Myspace with maybe some of our collective dignity left. Of course My Myspace picture will always keep me in the most esteemed regard. I'm not saying that I am quitting my account or anything, but I think we all have better things to do than religiously check our mailboxes for new picture or wall comments.

I would always use the friend requests as an appetizer and then move on to the comments for the main course. Now you can consider me on weight watchers.


Poor said...

Alex - your old xrds pal david here. enjoying the blog. question to the youth: are you all just giving up MySpace and migrating to FaceBook or are you saying the use of social networking by 20-somethings might be slowing?

Rob said...

(How can I find you and offer you my services when you are hiding from me????)

Alex said...

hey Dave, good to hear you internet voice. I wold have to say that if anything the Myspace and Facebook portals or only growing, and at an incredible pace if you ask me. My small social group of friends seem to be an out lier in the equation as we seem to have slowed our obsession with Myspace. But another example of these sites popularity is that at my new job it was mandatory to join Facebook and join the companies network.

ekgoldberg said...

You do not need WW.