Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The New Tweed

and you thought LastFM was pretentious. Here it is for all the sophistactes too busy reading Pynchon to even know who Blonde Redhead is? Goodreads is the literay equivelant of LastFM and has already let Geiger prove to us all that he actually has read all those long books that most of just pretend to know.

I plan on starting a website called goodtoiletpaper.com where I let everyone know what fabric feels the best against my ass. Of course I would still have more dignity than bragging about all the 400 pages novels by Russian drunkards that I had read.

Did I mention that I am on the site though? oh and my favorite book is Less Than Zero so I guess that makes me the pretentious asshole (but you already knew that). Its actually quite embarassing, I dont even think that book hits the 250 page count.

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