Monday, June 4, 2007

Daily snooze

I know that in recent times I have criticized both AM New York and The New York Post, but there is one paper that outlames them all. The Daily News is by far the most pathetic newspaper I have ever seen. The Post may be all gossip and sensationalized stories, but at least its entertaining. and only costs 25 cents. And I can always wipe my ass with the AM New York after I'm done finding out what some jack ass from Queens thinks about the new Uniqlo opening.

I had to buy a Daily News today since they were out of the post (yet for some odd reason has an abundance of the Daily snooze). The cover story was just a picture of a waitress that served food to the supposed "mastermind" behind the failed terrorist plot on JFK airport that would of never worked, even if they somehow got explosives back from Trinidad and Tobago. Just re read that sentence again for good measure. In any case the title story is about an interview with a waitress where she served this guy salmon and thats it. Amazingly he didn't rant and rave about his intentions or plot to kill all of the Americans on the eastern seaboard (maybe that would be close to making it a story or news). What we did learn from this cover story is that he fingered his prayer beads and that he likes fish. Good Job Daily News, but I'm sure there wasn't anything better to report on yesterday right?

Its literally the only paper where no matter what article I read I find myself flipping the pages futilly looking for something more interesting, or having any semblance of substance.

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ekgoldberg said...

Good one Alex. Enjoyed it a lot