Saturday, September 8, 2007

Tagg Says "No Way!"

Baby killing is okay, two dudes getting it on is passable, but two dudes able to share health insurance, gross! This from the today's Times on Mitt Romney successfully preventing his son Tagg from flipping to the Democratic party.

His father sat him down to dissuade him, taking him through the differences between Republicans and Democrats. Tagg Romney says he does not remember his father’s talking about abortion, another issue that has troubled his candidacy, but he does remember being warned that Democrats would lead the country toward same-sex marriage.

“He thought it was very wrong to discriminate,” Tagg Romney said. “But where Democrats are going, they’ll eventually want to extend marriage to gays. I said, ‘No way.’ ”


Molly said...

His name is Tagg. With two "g"s. It's safe to say that he loses.

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